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忍者武器 Ninja Buki

Bo Shuriken Collection

Discover Maten Dojo's Handcrafted 棒手裏剣 Bo Shuriken Set – The Ultimate Collection for Ninja & Bujinkan Enthusiasts

Experience unrivaled craftsmanship with these handcrafted bo shuriken, exclusively designed by Maten Dojo's master craftsman, Shidoshi Johannes Ziegler.

This stunning set of bo shuriken embodies the spirit of ninjutsu and the Bujinkan tradition, offering exceptional quality for martial arts enthusiasts.

Each handcrafted bo shuriken showcases superior durability and performance, forged from 1/4 x 1/4 stock, heat-hardened, and precision-sharpened.


These bo shuriken are the perfect addition to your training collection, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for consistent practice. With these durable, high-quality bo shuriken, you can achieve mastery in shurikenjutsu and ensure your skills stand the test of time.

Purchase is available in sets of 9 & 3.

The Hardening Process:
  • heat-hardened tip

  • durable

  • precision-sharpened

set of 9 bo shuriken.jpeg
  • heat-hardened tip

  • durable

  • precision-sharpened


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