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Bujinkan Maten Dojo
Martial Arts School

Ninjutsu - Budo Taijutsu - Self-Defense

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Book your call to learn how we'll level up your self-defense skill and physical resilience.


武道 Budo

I’ve devoted my life to mastering this ancient martial art.


The forms and philosophy have survived down through the centuries.


They're a source of endless fascination and inspiration for me.​


Through my 30 years of training in Budo, I've gained a deep understanding of the art.


I also have a passion for sharing it with others.


My students practice the physical and the spiritual methods essential to develop lifesaving skill.


​I help my students by exposing them to Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi's way of training.


I was fortunate enough to learn from him while living in Tokyo for over 3 years. ​


Together, we explore Ninjutsu's rich culture and philosophy during our training.


We explore its vital principles in a way that is usable in the modern world.


​I am honored to introduce my students to the world of Budo and help them unlock their inner ninja.


The skills and confidence they gain help them protect themselves and their families.


It also enriches their lives in countless other ways.​


I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Jump into the practice of this timeless martial art and register now! 

Class Locations

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NYC Metro

Regular classes in midtown Manhattan


Saturdays 10am - 1pm

More Classes Coming Soon!



Take classes anywhere!

Monday  Wednesday Friday:  7 - 8pm 

Sunday:  Noon - 1pm


Weekly classes in Burlington at Church & Main St.

Tuesday 6 - 7pm.

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